Care & Delivery


The everlasting wreaths will last many months and years if proper care is taken. To preserve the beauty of the flowers simply ensure they are hung in a cool, dry space away from artificial heat, damp spaces and direct sunlight to avoid the colours fading. To keep dust free, use a hairdryer to clean on its lowest and coolest setting.


Please note this is not a toy, keep out of reach of children and animals. Handle with care as dried flowers are delicate.


Please allow 2 weeks for dispatch as each wreath is lovingly handmade to order. Each wreath is safely packed and wrapped to ensure you receive your wreath in its best condition.


  • Description

    This wreath is made up on a 40cm frame with a choice of wooden or metal hoop.

    Our Everlasting Wreaths come in a variety of sizes; from our ‘Alcott’ 10cm, ‘Austen’ 15cm, ‘Brontë’ 20cm, and ‘Montgomery’ 40cm.


    All wreaths are made up of a premium selection of dried real flowers in a timeless natural colour palette.


    Designed to be a statement piece to hang indoors on a wall, door or mantle piece or to be used as an alternative to a traditional bouquet for a bride or bridesmaid. All our dried wreaths are finished with a hand dyed silk ribbon.

    Please note every wreath is made to order with florist's choice ingredients and are totally unique as flowers are a natural product and may vary from batch to batch and as such may vary slightly from images shown.

    If you have any specific requests for a bespoke commission or have a request for a main colour or ribbon choice please email me at